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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Words that make me laugh!

There are certain words that crack me up.  It has nothing to do with their meaning or the context of how they are used.  Just simply the sound of the word causes me to burst out in laughter. 

Gaggle                                     Pumpernickle                        Succotash

Dimple                                    Huckleberry                            Goop

Baboon                                   Chinchilla                              Hornswoggle

Noodle                                    Babushka                                Ridonkulas

Tofurkey                                 Sputnik                                   Earwig

Gurgle                                     Jabberwocky                           Lederhosen

Malarkey                                 Periwinkle                               Oodles

Rhinoplasty                            Sassafras                                   Wiggle

Who knew words could be so funny!


  1. hahaha!!! These are funny!! PUMPERNICKEL!BABUSHKA! SASAFRAS! (Imagine if you said "sasafras" with a lisp.... THATHAFSATH!!)

    ~Hannah and Kevin Schill :)~